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Sapphire Information System

The district uses the Sapphire information System to keep parents up-to-date regarding District announcements as well as give them access to their student's portal information.
Please make sure your information is up-to-date.  Instructions below:
1. Create New Account/Login to Existing Account 
If creating a new account, click the Login to Sapphire link below.  Click the "Create Web Portal Account" link (see User Guide).
If logging into existing account, click the login to Sapphire link below and enter your username, pin and password.
2. Complete Student Emergency Information Form (one form for each student)
Click the Login to Sapphire link below.  Click on your student's name (above their picture).  Click the "Student Emergency Information Form" link.
 3. Manage Emergency Notification Preferences
See the Notification Preference Guide below for instructions on setting your voice, text and email notifications.