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Recent Events - School Security

Dear MASD Community:
In recent weeks, our nation has experienced heart wrenching and physically devastating violence. We want to acknowledge the toll that these events have taken on schools across the country. In the wake of these events, we want to reassure you that MASD continues to provide a safe environment  for our children to learn. 
The MASD is vigilant in our efforts to ensure our schools are safe.  We have a detailed emergency operations plan that lays out specific plans and responses related to  prevention & mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.  We conduct regular drills that provide practice to our students and staff on how to best respond to  emergency situations.  Also, we  continue to work closely with law enforcement and other security professionals to maximize our safety efforts.
Exposure to tragedy can be exceptionally difficult, which may cause our students to become fearful.  We encourage you to talk to your students about what they see in the media.  Encourage them to ask questions.  Encourage them to talk through how they might respond in an emergency.  The MASD has several resources specific to school safety on its website.  Through this link, you can find recommendations to help you to navigate a discussion about these difficult subjects, and to reinforce that school is a safe place. 
Please know that the MASD continues to be proactive in our safety measures.  We encourage the community to work with the school district and local police departments, and to report any issues that may cause you concern.  If you see something, please say something, and encourage your children to do the same.
Yours in Education,
Dr. Mark K. Leidy             
Superintendent of Schools