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Health Screening for Students

Every year our school nurses screen every student for a variety of health issues.  Each student is screened for vision, height, and weight to track any changes and to address concerns with the parents.  Children with a failed hearing screen in previous years are also tracked yearly with the results sent to the parents until a hearing screen is passed.  
Pennsylvania mandated screening program by test:
  1. Vision - All grades every year.  There will be a near vision and far vision test for every student in addition to a depth perception test, color deficiency test, and a PLUS lens test all performed once between K - 3rd grade.  Any student demonstrating difficulty with perception can also be tested with telebinocular equipment.
  2. Height and Weight (BMI) - All grades every year.  Student information specific to BMI screenings will be posted to your child's student portal at the end of each school year.  If you have concern's specific to your child's BMI, please contact your school nurse.
  3. Hearing - K (or first entering), 3rd, 7th, & 11th grades.  Any child identified with a hearing difficulty will be screened every year unless a future test is normal.  Any child failing a hearing screen will be tested again before the results are sent to the parent to rule out a brief cold or infection affected the hearing.  
  4. Scoliosis - 6th & 7th grade.  Sixth grade students are screened by their physician for scoliosis.  If this is missed on the physical form, these students will be screened by the nurse.  Seventh grade students will be screened in the fall and if a scoliosis problem is suspected, it will be checked by the district physician.  If confirmed, a notice will be sent out to parents.  
  5. Physical Exam - Mandated for all students entering K, 6th, & 11th grades.  These exams may be conducted by your medical provider or by the school physician.  Exams completed one year prior to the current school year are acceptable.  School sports physicals do not fulfill this requirement.
  6. Dental Exam - Mandated for all students entering K, 3rd, & 7th.  These exams may be conducted by your private dentist or by the Mobile Dentist.  Exams completed one year prior to the current school year are acceptable.
If your child has any known conditions related to the categories above, please notify your school nurse and submit valid documentation from your physician to ensure appropriate care for your child.  
Please contact your school nurse with any questions specific to these requirements.