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Reading Department

Welcome to the MASD Reading Department
MARCH 2020 UPDATE: Parents, are you looking for opportunities to engage your child in reading activities at home? Check out these resources:
early readers: the computer version is always free! (small fee may apply for the app) free for the next few weeks
older readers: check out the article of the week from Kelly Gallagher (high school teacher)
any reader:
Read a book, or magazine, or anything! Talk about what you are reading. 
Track down resources on a topic that is interesting to you. Learn about an interesting animal, how to do a new craft or science experiment, or answer a question that has always made you wonder. 
Check out a great list of read alouds and activities here.
Meet our elementary school teachers:
Kindergarten Academy: Mrs. Hoover
Broad Street Elementary: Mrs. Lehman
Northside Elementary: Mrs. Arentz
Shepherdstown Elementary: Mrs. Pehanich
Upper Allen Elementary: Mrs. Dragovich
Elmwood Academy: Mrs. Reisinger (grade 4), Mrs. Hellam (grade 5)
Meet our middle school teachers:
Mrs. Black, grade 7
Mr. Burkett, grade 7 and 8
Mrs. Cavada, grade 6 and 7
Mrs. Cheam, grade 6
Ms. Hoffman, grade 6 and 8
Mrs. Morret, grade 6 and 8
Mrs. Zeger, grade 6, 7, and 8
Meet our high school teacher:
Ms. Kleese, grades 9-12 
Meet our Reading Intervention Coordinator:
Mrs. Trostle, grades K-12
Looking to find a great book to read? Check out the local library
Looking for a fun activity...try this springtime anagram!