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Bring Your Own Device » What Device Should I Bring?

What Device Should I Bring?


Just about any laptop or netbook will work on our network and is acceptable. As long as the device has a working web browser students will be able to access the tools they need. Windows based, Apple, or Chromebook operating systems should work without issue. 


 Mobile Devices

Mobile devices, such as iPads, Android Tablets, iPods, and other devices will work on the network. Please remember that the use of these devices, as with any personally owned device, is strictly up to the teacher. 


 Which should I bring?

We believe this depends on the classes you have and the projects you are working on. Mobile devices are great because they are small, easy to carry, and have access to many of the online applications you will be using. They are great for researching, planning, and collaborating. They are not great for creating new products. Though laptops and netbooks are heavier to carry around, they allow you to be more productive in situations where you will be creating documents, movies, or other digital media. We suggest working with your teachers to determine what technology will best enable you to be successful.