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Assistant Superintendent/Chief Fiscal Officer

Mr. Alan Vandrew
Alan T. Vandrew, D.Ed., has been employed by the school district since 1988.  He served as Assistant Business Manager and Secretary of the Board of School Directors from 1988 to 1993, as Business Administrator/Board Secretary from 1993 to 2005 and is currently Assistant Superintendent/Chief Fiscal Officer.  Alan is a graduate of Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School and is a life-long resident of the school district.  He has a Bachelor's degree from Shippensburg University, Master's degree in Public Administration from Penn State University and a Doctorate in Educational Administration from Indiana University of PA.  
Alan and his wife Karen, also a graduate of Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School, have four children and reside in Upper Allen Township.  
Dr. Vandrew views his role, and the role of the Business Office Staff, as one of support.  "We take care of details such as food service, maintenance, transportation, accounting, payroll, and benefits so that teachers can concentrate on teaching and student can concentrate on learning."  The Business Office also provides support to the School Board and Superintendent to maintain a positive financial position fro the school district so that community educational goals can be achieved.  
Performance Evaluation
The Assistant Superintendent/Chief Fiscal Officer is evaluated annually on the following performance criteria:
  1. The Assistant Superintendent will assist the Superintendent in the daily operations of the School District.  
  2. The Assistant Superintendent will serve as the Chief Fiscal Officer for the School District.
  3. The Assistant Superintendent will assist the Superintendent in leading the District to achieve the highest possible fiscal performance, and oversee District operations using resources efficiently and effectively.  
  4. The Assistant Superintendent will assist the Superintendent with implementation of Board fiscal policies to ensure program goals and objectives are met.  
The Assistant Superintendent/Chief Fiscal Officer's performance has been rated satisfactory for the 2017-2018 school year.