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2020-2021 MASD Program & Health Monitoring Information » Remote Learning: Accountability & Attendance

Remote Learning: Accountability & Attendance

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How Are Students Accountable During Hybrid Learning? (Translatable Version)
Feedback & Report Cards
  • Teacher Feedback
    • Students will receive feedback on their work at each face-to-face and synchronous experience. Teachers may schedule additional times to support students on remote days either individually or in small groups. Our district believes the most student growth comes from them receiving and implementing feedback. It is expected that students will utilize feedback provided on assignments.
  • Report Cards
    • Elementary K-5:  Students will receive report cards to bring home three times throughout the year in a trimester format.
    • Secondary 6-12:  Students will receive report cards four times throughout the year in a traditional marking period format.
Remote Attendance
  • Engagement in Activities
    • Attendance for Mechanicsburg Area School District students on remote learning days will be measured through evidence of engagement in, or completion of, assigned learning activities.  Engagement will be determined by the teacher who assigned the work.  Failure to engage in assigned remote learning activities would ultimately impact a student's progress as well.
  • Multiple Teachers (Grades 4-12)
    • Students assigned work by multiple teachers during remote learning days will have engagement measured in each class separately. A student will earn full-day attendance if engaged in all classes.
Attendance on Remote Learning Days = Engagement in Assigned Learning Experiences
  • Student absences due to educational trips and a need to quarantine will be excused on both Face-to-Face and Remote days. Students will be permitted to make-up all work missed. While officially absent, they may still engage in assigned remote learning experiences as their condition, and ability to keep up with the class, allows.