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Summer Adventure Camp


    • Wednesday, May 29: 6 pm - 8 pm
    • Saturday, June 1: 9 am -  11 am 

Campers/families only need to attend one of the orientation dates.


Discover endless fun and growth at Summer Adventure Camp! From outdoor adventures to creative projects, children enjoy a vibrant mix of activities tailored to inspire curiosity and build friendships. With experienced counselors leading the way, every day promises excitement, learning, and laughter in a supportive and nurturing environment.


Location: Camps will be based in Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Park

Dates: June 10-August 9, 2024

Times: 7:00 am - 5:30 pm

A late fee per child of $10 per 10 minutes starting at 5:30pm will be charged to your account.


Registration: We are excited to announce we are launching online registration for summer camp! Check out our guide to assist you with online registration. Families are still welcome to come into the office to register. Click here for a guide to online registration. 


Fees: $100 is due at registration, this will be deducted from your tuition. At registration you will have 3 payment options, all payments require a credit card on file and automatic withdrawal. The payments will be determined based on the number of weeks you register and the total number of payments.  

2024 registration fees:  

      • Waived through April1 
      • After April 1, $20 per camper 
      • After April 29, $40 per camper  

2024 fees:  

      • $199/week for residents 
      • $219/week for non-residents. 
A resident is considered any family who resides in Mechanicsburg Area School District. No discount is provided for two or more children in the same family.



Where will I drop off my camper? 

  • Pathfinders: Baseball pavilion at Memorial Park
  • Trailblazers: First pavilion on the left entering Memorial Park
  • Explorers: Large pavilion at Memorial Park
  • Quest: Large pavilion at Memorial Park 
  • The adult dropping off and picking up your camper must come to the pavilion to sign the camper in/out. Please be prepared to show a photo ID when picking up the camper. 


What does the daily schedule look like? 

Sample Daily Schedule

      • 7:00-9:00 am - Sign-In/Free Play: Campers can play board games, football, nok-hockey, make crafts and much more.
      • 9:00-9:15 am - Snack Time: Campers provide their own snack
      • 9:15-12:00 pm – Group Activities: Group games/Crafts
      • 12:00 pm-12:30 pm - Lunch: Campers provide their own lunch
      • 12:30-3:00 pm - Pool: Swimming at Memorial Park Pool
      • 3:00-3:30 pm - Snack Time: Campers provide their own snack
      • 3:30-4:00 pm - Reading Time: Books will be provided or campers may bring their own book/magazine/journal.
      • 4:00-5:30 pm - Sign-Out/Free Play


What if my child needs medication while at camp? 

Complete the form at the top of the page and email to [email protected]


Will there be an indoor day?

All days of camp will be held at Memorial Park. The only indoor day planned is Jubilee Day (Thursday, June 20) when camp will be held at Mechanicsburg Middle School. The only other time camp will be inside is for inclement weather.


What happens in the event of inclement weather? 

In the event of poor weather, an alert will be sent out prior to 7:00 am if SAC is being moved indoors for the day. If there is inclement weather and the campers are located at their base camp location campers will be transported to each camp's indoor location. Campers will not be moved after 2:30 pm. Camps at the park, after 2:30, will move to their designated safe location, if it is safe to do so. A text/email alert will be sent to parents/guardians. The indoor location for 2024 is Mechanicsburg Middle School. When camp is moved indoors, please walk your camper inside the main entrance to sign them in. You will also enter the main entrance to them out out at pick up.


What if I am late picking my camper up? 

Parents/Guardians are expected to pick up their child by 5:30pm. Late pick-ups will be reported to the Recreation office and the following charges will be added to your account: 

    • 5:35-5:45 $10 per camper
    • 5:45-6:00 $20 per camper
    • 6:00 or after to be determined by the Director or their designee
What if we are on vacation or my camper has an appointment? 
Since each child can be registered for each week individually, no refunds will be given if your child is unable to attend a scheduled week. If your child has an appointment during camp hours, please notify the camp counselors. 


How will my camper stay safe at the swimming pool? 



All camps will swim at the Mechanicsburg Area Community Swimming Pool on scheduled swim days. Campers are expected to swim in the area designated by their counselor. Failure to stay with their counselor could result in swimming privileges being suspended. Each camper will complete a swim test completed by the pool staff. This test will determine their swim level while at

the pool with SAC. Please remind your camper, camp rules may be different than family rules. Please provide your camper with their own sunscreen.

      • Red: Non-Swimmers/few swimming skills; must stay where they can stand.
      • Yellow: Beginning swimming skills; not permitted to go down any water slides/aqua zipp’ns.
      • Green: Strong swimming skills; allowed to swim in all areas of the pool, as designated by counselor.


Swim Lessons:

Campers may register for swim lessons at a discounted rate online.

      • Swim Camp Names
        • Minnows SAC (ages 4-6)
        • Catfish SAC (ages 5-7)
        • Sharks SAC (ages 7-13)


Does my camper need a pool membership? 

Pool admittance is included while your camper attends summer camp 


Will my camper have sunscreen put on even if they are not at the pool? 

Please be sure to apply sunscreen to your camper before camp each day. The leaders will remind the campers to put their sunscreen on if they are participating in a lot of activities in the sun. Staff will assist campers as needed. 


Does my camper need to wear their Summer Adventure Camp t-shirt every day? 

No. Your camper only needs to wear their shirt on scheduled field trip days. 


Can my camper bring their own book to read or journal to write in? 

YES. We encourage campers to bring a book/magazine they are interested in reading. They will have quiet time daily to allow for reading/writing Summer Adventure Camp is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or broken items brought to camp. 


Can my camper bring their own toy(s)? 

Each camp will have games, craft supplies and activities for the campers. Summer Adventure Camp is not responsible for any lost, stolen or broken items brought to camp. If a camper brings their own toy(s), they can be asked to put it away at the discretion of the camp counselors. 


Who provides snacks and lunch? 

Lunches and snacks will NOT be provided unless there is a special event planned. Campers need to bring a labeled small cooler or lunch box to hold enough snacks, drinks, and lunch for the day. Refrigeration is not possible. Please send labeled refillable water bottles, or fruit drink boxes and avoid cans of soda.  


How will water bottles be filled? 

Camps will have water bottle refill stations to be managed by camp staff.  


What happens if my child becomes sick at camp? 

If a camper becomes sick while at camp, the leader will contact the parent/guardian/emergency contact, and the camper must be picked up from camp as soon as possible. 


Remind Alert information:  

Text the following to 81010: 

    • @sacpath24   
    • @sactrail24  
    • @sacexpl24  
    • @sacquest24 


Contact Information 

  • Office Phone: 717-691-4572 (Monday-Thursday 8:00 am – 4:00pm) 
  • Emergency Only: 717-906-8293 (Monday-Thursday 4:00-5:45pm, Friday 7:00am-5:45pm) 
  • Emails: [email protected] or [email protected]