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Transportation and Start Times


At the December 12, 2017 Board Meeting, the School Board reviewed a proposal to reconfigure the district transportation system, which includes an adjustment to building  start and end times.  The School Board plans to vote on this proposal in January 2018.  



In order to facilitate the new elementary grade level configuration, the district would operate a two-tier transportation system.  This means that any given school bus would have an elementary route and a secondary route in the morning and afternoon.  Kindergarten and grade 4/5 students would be  transported together to the 4/5 Academy (Elmwood Elementary) and then to the Kindergarten Academy. This would effectively eliminate the need for a shuttle system. Each of the grade 1-3 buildings (Northside, Broad Street, Upper Allen, and Shepherdstown) would be assigned a separate set of buses to transport grade 1-3 students from their respective attendance areas.  After a bus completes its elementary assignment, it would proceed to the middle school or high school for a secondary assignment.


Student Start and End Times

The chart below provides a comparison of current and proposed school times.


Proposed Student Start and End Times







7:45 – 2:20

7:40 – 2:35

7:40 - 2:30


8:00 – 2:10

7:50 – 2:20

7:55 - 2:15

High School

7:55 – 2:57

8:20 – 3:20

8:20 - 3:20

Middle School

8:20 – 3:20

8:30 – 3:30

8:30 - 3:30


Click below to view the presentation from the March 27,2018 School Board Meeting.

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