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Parking Regulations



Mechanicsburg Area School District 

Parking Regulations


These regulations are in place for the safety and welfare of students, employees and visitors. They provide for the protection and maintenance of school property, govern traffic and parking on campus. These regulations are in effect at all times throughout the year. Additionally, all driving and parking regulations of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code apply on campus roadways and may be enforced by the local police departments.


All vehicles must park in designated parking areas. It is unlawful for any person, at any time, to park a vehicle in a Fire Lane and/or both sides of all School District roads, streets and/or driveways and the sides, berms or shoulders, sidewalks, playgrounds, lawns and any paved or unpaved area not specifically designated for parking at the following locations:


Senior High School Campus Middle School Campus

Broad Street Elementary School Campus

Elmwood Academy Campus

Kindergarten Academy Campus

Northside Elementary School Campus

Shepherdstown Elementary School Campus

Upper Allen Elementary School Campus and

Trails and Trees Environmental Center Campus.


School district administration and the school police may make exception to designated parking areas for special events where overflow parking is required provided that it does not impede access to Fire Lanes. Maintenance, delivery and other vehicles with District authorization are exempt from the regulations.


All students parked on high school property during school hours must register their vehicle with the High School Office and the vehicle must display a valid parking permit. Students must park in the designated student parking lot at the rear of the Senior High School during school hours.


It shall be unlawful for any person to park a vehicle in a parking space specifically designated for Physically Disabled individuals unless said vehicle displays a PA State DOT Physically Disabled parking placard.


School Police Officers are authorized and empowered to issue citations and/or physically remove any vehicle which is parked, stopped or standing and to impound the same in the custody of the School District.  Any costs of removal shall be paid by the owner of the vehicle, which costs shall be a lien on the vehicle during its impoundment.


Violations may result in a ten dollar parking ticket in addition to costs of prosecution. Failure to pay the parking ticket within ten days may result in a summary trial before the Magisterial District Judge.